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Print Care

1. Proper mat and frame:
Professional framers recommend using archival quality mat boards that are acid-free and will not damage prints. These mats, known as museum board, acid-free board, conservation board, 100 percent rag board or lignin-free board, are available in many colors and fabrics and will work well to conserve your print.

2. Cleaning your prints:
We recommend dusting your prints every four to six months. Do not use harsh cleansers. Feather dusters can scratch paintings.

3. Excessive Light:
All light is damaging, and the harm to prints is cumulative and irreversible. Ultraviolet light, however, is the worst culprit. As we all know, this is found in sunlight, and the American Institute for Conservation also warns that it is present in such artificial lights as fluorescents and metal halogen lamps. We recommend avoiding the brightest spot in the house when hanging your prints.

4. High temperatures and high humidity:
Some commonsense precautions can keep your prints safe from the threat of heat and humidity. Most importantly, don't store prints in attics, basements or garages, and don't hang them in bathrooms or over fireplaces. Air conditioning, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers can help regulate the environment in your home or workplace. Hanging prints on interior walls is also a good idea.

5. Print storage:
If you are not displaying your prints right away, store them in safe conditions. A dark setting with a steady temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a steady relative humidity with a high of 50 percent and a low of 30 percent is ideal. Prints should be kept in protective folders or boxes made from acid-free, archival quality materials, and stored flat.

This information provided by U.S. ART Magazine, January 1999


Print Values

For years, collectors have been purchasing Terry Redlin's limited edition prints, not only because of the beautiful images, but because as the limited editions sell out, they increase in value. We receive many calls about Terry Redlin's limited edition prints and the current estimated value of those prints.

The Redlin Art Center does not estimate or appraise the value of Terry Redlin's limited edition prints.

We invite you to check our PAINTING LIBRARY. There, you can search by title; and if we have a print in our inventory, you will be able to see our listed retail price. Note: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, THE PRINTS WE ARE SELLING HAVE NEVER BEEN PREVIOUSLY OWNED AND ARE IN PERFECT CONDITION.

If you are searching for the estimated value of a limited edition print, we recommend that you contact a Redlin dealer in your area. If you do not know of a Redlin dealer, you may call Wild Wings at 651-345-5355 to locate a dealer near you. A Redlin dealer will be able to evaluate the condition of your limited edition print and estimate the current value of that print on the secondary market.

There are a few websites that estimate the value of prints. We have found that will estimate the value of Terry Redlin's limited edition prints. We do not endorse these organizations for any purpose other that estimating print values. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL THROUGH THESE ORGANIZATIONS.

If you are the proud owner of a Terry Redlin limited edition, it is recommended that you do have the print appraised and added to your insurance policy.

For more information, please call toll free 1-877-873-3546.