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Group Visits

Welcome to the Redlin Art Center!

Are you planning a class reunion? Celebrating an anniversary or a special birthday? Hosting a corporate retreat? Whether planning an event for 10 people or 100, the Redlin Art Center can accommodate. Let us help with a private party room, a state-of-the-art conference room or a picnic lunch! No matter how big or small, celebrate life’s special moments at the Redlin Art Center. For special event booking information, please email Julie Ranum, Executive Director, at
Group of Kids

Student Groups:

The following information and guidelines are designed to help you arrange a successful educational visit to our facility. Our objective is to enhance each and every students' awareness of the arts and sciences as they visit the Redlin Art Center.

Policies & Procedures
Early booking is essential to accommodate your group in an effective and efficient manner. We ask that you have a representative from your group come in and announce your arrival before you unload your bus so that we can better assist you with your visit to the Redlin Art Center. You are responsible for your students' actions. Please discuss the following with your students and chaperones prior to your arrival at the Redlin Art Center:

  • NO food or beverage allowed in the gallery.

  • NO gum allowed.

  • NO photography or video cameras in the gallery. (outside only)

  • NO touching of the artwork.

  • NO unnecessary use of the elevators.

  • NO littering.

For the protection and preservation of Mr. Redlin's art collection, we would ask that you comply with the following ratio of chaperones to students:

Full Field Trip: (includes video presentation, gallery visit, and gallery activities) - (recommended time allotment is 1 - 2 hours depending on grade level)

Grades K-3: 1 chaperone per 6 students
Grades 4-6: 1 chaperone per 8 students
Grades 7-8: 1 chaperone per 10 students
Grades 9-12: 1 chaperone per 12 students


Motorcoach Tours/Adult Group Tours:

For our pre-booked groups:

  • A Redlin Art Center representative will greet your group, offer a question and answer session, and will even highlight the Redlin paintings that feature local structures or places. These sites include house, a bridge, church windows, a grain elevator, a lakeside restaurant, and a hardware store. Although they may not appear in Redlin’s paintings as they look today in “real life”, these places were inspirations to Terry Redlin.

  • Complimentary video presentations entitled, “A Conversation With Terry Redlin”, “An American Portrait”, or “Terry Redlin Paints America the Beautiful” are shown as an orientation to Terry Redlin and his art. (See DVD descriptions below to make your selection - or see all 3!)

    In addition to the beauty of the Gallery, the Redlin Art Center also offers:

  • The Terry Redlin Conservation Park, a 30-acre wildlife refuge with walking trails, gazebos, and numerous waterways, is now open. This area surrounds the Redlin Art Center and is a perfect place for a picnic lunch or a nature walk.

  • The Redlin Gift Shop, Home Collection, and Cabin are now open for the shoppers in your group! Our generously sized stores offer a unique shopping experience for all – whether searching for a Redlin print, one of Terry Redlin’s new home decor items or some of our delicious, hand-made Terry Redlin chocolates! All proceeds from the Redlin Gift Shop go directly into the operation of the gallery. With the support of the Gift Shop, the Redlin Foundation is able to offer FREE admission to the gallery.

  • Box LunchThe Redlin Box Lunch: Should you decide to have lunch on location, we would be able to provide your group with a Redlin Box Lunch. This lunch will be catered by a local delicatessen and usually consists of a delicious sandwich, a side salad, an individual bag of Dakota Style chips, a cookie and a beverage. The meal will be packed in a Terry Redlin keepsake tin – the tin is yours to keep as a small memento of your visit! The meal price is $15.00/person plus tax, for a total of $16.13/person. This meal will be served on the patio adjacent to the Redlin Art Center overlooking our beautiful park. Don’t be surprised if our friendly ducks want to help you with your lunch! If you are interested in this special dining experience, please call so we can make arrangements in advance of your visit.

“A Conversation with Terry Redlin”
In this video you will meet the man behind the artwork and share in the experiences that come to life on his canvas. Terry Redlin has given the world a great gift with his ability to capture on canvas the memories so many of us share...from our childhood and our family traditions to life in rural America.

“Terry Redlin Paints America the Beautiful”
This series of eight paintings, like all of Terry Redlin's art, is a visual account of his distinctive world view. It flows from deep within the artist and represents one man's tribute to ideas and values that continue to resonate clearly for so many Americans. “It is a tribute to a country I love dearly and that has treated me so well. I hope my effort is worthy of the subject.

"An American Portrait”
This touching series of seven paintings took over nine years to complete and was, according to Terry Redlin, one of the most emotional experiences of his life. Based on the childhood memories of the artist and those of his brother-in-law, this story will tug at your heartstrings.

View the "American Portrait" video.

Photo Shoots: We invite you to take a stroll out onto the balcony and step onto the terrace. This is a great spot for a photo shoot. If you are packing a sack lunch, you are more than welcome to eat lunch on our patio and enjoy this beautiful outdoor setting overlooking Terry Redlin Conservation Park at the Redlin Art Center!

Bus Parking
Buses may unload and load at the front door of the Redlin Art Center. Please park on the Northwest side of the building while waiting for students.

Handicapped Access
Elevators are located in the center rear on each floor in the building. All rest rooms are ADA approved.

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For More Information, Please Call Toll Free 1-877-873-3546.