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Donation Requests

There are so many worthy causes to support. The Redlin family believes in giving back, repaying people for kindness and generosity, and helping those in need. Unfortunately, they, too, have a limit to what they can do.

Due to the sheer quantity of requests they receive on a daily basis, the Redlin family has had to limit their charitable giving to selected charities and organizations that have personally touched their lives over the years. They contribute generously and privately to many organizations, and they have publicly acknowledged that they give to the Salvation Army, an organization that helped them in their time of need and one that can use the Redlins contributions to provide assistance for many.

The Redlin Art Center is a non-profit foundation. It is the goal of the Redlin Art Center's Board of Directors to build and develop the foundation. Because of this goal, it is the policy of the Redlin Art Center not to donate funds or merchandise. The proceeds from the sale of merchandise in the Redlin Art Center Gift Shop currently support the operation of the entire facility. This enables the gallery to remain admission free so everyone can enjoy the art of Terry Redlin.

Thank you for your interest in the art of Terry Redlin. Terry Redlin is always honored when someone believes his art will help to generate funds for a good cause.