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Comforts of Home Cabin

comforts of home cabin

Have you ever wanted to step into a Terry Redlin painting? With his trademark use of light, whether a sunset, a campfire, or the warm glow coming from lamp light inside a rustic log cabin, Terry Redlin invites us to share in the experiences he creates on canvas. His style, often referred to as “romantic realism”, is not only a visual experience, but one that awakens all of our senses. As our eyes slowly discover the subtle nuances within each painting, our bodies become attune to the season. We shiver as we recall the experience of building a snowman or itch when recalling the sensation of chaff on our necks during threshing time; we become aware of the time of day, especially dusk or dawn when the light is soft and shadows dance. We recall the smells… of cutting hay, burning leaves, baking pies…and our imagination allows us to step inside each painting.

Cabin Interior 1

Now, we invite your imagination to come alive with the addition of the “Comforts of Home” Cabin inside the Redlin Art Center. Immerse yourself in the warmth and coziness created by the double-sided stone fireplace. Step onto the stone porch and underneath the rough sawn cedar roof. Touch the massive log posts and see the tree that grew right up next to the Cabin. Once inside, make yourself comfortable as you enjoy the rustic elegance of a home filled with a whole new line of furniture inspired by Terry Redlin’s personal home furnishings. Sink into the softness of the “Redlin Rocker” as you watch the flickering flames in the fireplace. Come, step inside this Terry Redlin painting. Step into the “Comforts of Home” Cabin.

Opened June 2006. Admission is free.

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